Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Supported Employment Services?
Contact the local Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS) office in your county (go to Ask to schedule an intake meeting with a DVRS Counselor. You will be asked to gather and bring information with you related to your disability (medical/school records). At your intake, the DVRS counselor will determine if you are eligible for services. Once determined eligible, the counselor will assist you in deciding your employment goals and the services/supports that will help you reach those goals.  You will then be referred to a Supported Employment vendor who can provide those identified services/supports.  If you already have a provider in mind, you should request that provider when speaking with the DVRS counselor. 

What is a Supported Employment (SE) vendor?
A Supported Employment vendor is an agency that specializes in assisting people with disabilities to find and keep work. These agencies often provide individualized supports and services to employers and employees at the job site or behind the scenes, before and after hours.  SE helps employers find dedicated candidates to meet their employment needs.  SE services help job seekers with disabilities find the right job match and employees to maintain employment and establish careers.  Typically, these services include career exploration, functional assessments, job development, job coaching, and follow along services.

How do I choose a supported employment vendor?
NJ APSE recommends researching and interviewing the DVRS-funded service agencies in your area and determining those employers that best fit your skills and employment goals. Speak with your DVRS counselor, call agencies and ask how they can help you meet your employment goals. Supported Employment is a partnership that begins between the job seeker and the employment specialist, and ends with the employer and employee. Being proactive in your job search helps to ensure a successful job match.
What can I do to prepare my child/student for the world of work while he/she is still in high school?